Address: No.25, Officer’s Colony, Renganathapuram, Puthur, Trichy -17.

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About Us

Pre –amble for QMed

Q Med hospital. It is a 50 bedded modern hospital with high tech ICU care. Its prime work will be in renal services – all-inclusive including Kidney transplant. We don’t want to enslave our patients to technological advance though one can exalt our technological advance in every field.  In our cash strapped society, technological advance is equivalent to holding an axe in the hand of pathological criminal. Every protocol in place in medical practice may cost more and even little is more for our patients.  Rather, we would like to take forward our experience and evolved wisdom to transform the scientific advancement into Midas -touch on our patients. Certainly this is not an exaggeration and Albert Einstein words are to be reminisced – ‘True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist’.  Medical Practice contains only half- truth and medicine is not an exact science.  The cost of diagnostic tools is more expensive than the therapeutic modalities. Patients are confounded by two factors –they are forced to believe what is not true and they refuse to believe what is true. Here comes our experience. We thoroughly studied ourselves by our flaws and failure ;  in the realm of medical practice everything in our body system is inter -connected , here lies the seeing ability of the treating doctor to discern the missing link.   A doctor can specialize a field but disease doesn’t know the specialization, therefore a physician with his clinical acumen must know what is what, and then he chooses a referral. Above all ,unifying vision of a treating doctor makes all difference. Tool is not important; who handles the tool is important.

Our clinic is well-talented doctors, nurses, health workers, who work efficiently and not only care for internal and external diseases, but also leads to the remediation of their illnesses.

Experience is the great master. Our team is tested by time and it has won accolades for its exemplary service.  Our Hospital is situated in a busy residential place, Puthur, Trichy.